NewTek Unveils Transformed 3Play Product Family Starting at $9,995

NewTek has unveiled a new family of 3Play sports production solutions that includes major enhancements to the 3Play 4800, the introduction of a new 3Play 440 model, and the 3Play 425 model now starting at $9,995 USD. Unlike most replay systems that typically rely on linear, tape-based workflows, 3Play systems feature a broad range of new integrated production capabilities for creating dynamic sports programs that drive audience growth, brand awareness, and social media engagement––all with the beautiful, network-style look of a professional sports broadcast.

In contrast to common replay servers that only focus on the singular aspect of replays, 3Play 4800 and 3Play 440 systems deliver a multi-purpose approach to integrated sports production that dramatically reduces the need for many specialized products and individual operators. Both systems offer a full spectrum of innovative capabilities for new workflows and production opportunities—even in environments where video production switchers are not available.

In addition, both 3Play 4800 and 3Play 440 systems are optimized for producers with specific needs. Broadcast companies, professional leagues and large venues looking for the greatest degree of production configurability can easily integrate the space-saving, 4U rack-mountable, eight-camera input, dual-channel output 3Play 4800 into their facilities. The new 2U, four-camera input, dual-channel output 3Play 440 is ideal for mobile productions and regional broadcasters, colleges, conferences, and mid-sized venues with more moderate budgets.

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